Working at OneStone

Working at OneStone

For those who have worked in larger corporations, it goes without saying how you appreciate the smaller ones.

OneStone is a family orientated professional organisation who has fostered a diverse and passionate team of leaders.

We pride ourselves on being collaborative and inclusive and ensuring to provide a work environment that inspires our team to be their best.

At OneStone, each day you have an opportunity to engage in meaningful work, delivering solutions that shape outcomes not only for various corporate industries but for everyday families. And you get to do all of this whilst working for a business that lives its values and values its employees.

Our team is collaborative and transparent. Whether onsite, at the office or working remote; our team bond is what keeps us connected. At OneStone you are offered the opportunity to learn, grow and advance your skills whilst being valued and acknowledged all the while working towards our mutual business goal.

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Why work at OneStone

Our intelligent & knowledgeable team

We work on interesting and challenging projects

Our Einstein way of thinking

The flexible work environment

A culture of authenticity

We give every day meaning

You’ll feel valued and looked after as an employee

And, you’ll love our coffee making skills