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Pipeline system design and optimisation.

In the water, mining and process industries, capital investment in pipeline systems is typically high. Optimising pipeline design ensures that the required operation is achieved while maximising the value for money invested in the infrastructure.

Typical trade-offs to consider in pipeline system design can include the upfront capital costs for pipelines versus the pumping costs over the operating life of the system, or the need for additional capital costs for surge protection and storage over intelligent pumping and control systems.

OneStone has experience in the design and optimisation of a variety of pipeline systems, taking into account structural, operational, practical and environmental factors to devise the most reliable, energy efficient and cost-effective solutions.

The range of systems OneStone designs and optimises includes:

  • utilities, such as potable scheme water, wastewater, raw water and stormwater
  • mining, including diesel pumping systems, mine dewatering systems, and bore field collector and transfer mains
  • agriculture, including irrigation water supply borefields, transfer mains and distribution networks.

No pipeline system is too large or too small. We optimise flow rates and fluid transfer in pipelines from less than 1L/s to 1,000 ML/d, across every scale in distribution systems from trunk mains to distribution to reticulation.

Pump stations are the ‘hearts’ of any pipeline distribution system, and we design and optimise systems that can incorporate simple pump stations such as dry well, wet well and bore pumps, right through to interconnected multi-pump, variable-speed controlled pump stations.