Five core services, one project-specific solution.

We provide a range of water systems analysis, design and optimisation services, which we adapt and integrate to provide a complete solution to your unique water management challenge. Read about each of our five core services to find out more about our breadth of expertise.

Pipeline system design and optimisation.

In the water, mining and process industries, capital investment in pipeline systems is typically high. Optimising pipeline design ensures that the required operation is achieved while maximising the value for…
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Water hammer analysis.

Water hammer phenomena – or hydraulic transients – occur when there is a sudden change in water flow, such as by starting or stopping pumps, or opening or closing valves…
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Real-time Control Strategies.

All pumps require a control strategy, from basic manual start/stop systems to highly automated, multiple-pump variable-speed systems. In complex systems, the flow and head generated by the pump can be…
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Field Testing.

Field testing is necessary to understand and check the performance of certain aspects of hydraulic systems. Data from field testing is used to: assess the performance and efficiency of pumping…
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Our services are applicable to a wide range of water systems, including water and wastewater transfer systems, borefields and mine dewatering systems.