Our services

Five core services, one project-specific solution.

We provide a range of water systems analysis, design and optimisation services, which we adapt and integrate to provide a complete solution to your unique water management challenge. Read about each of our five core services to find out more about our breadth of expertise.

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Pipeline system design and optimisation.

We can design the optimal layout, configuration, hardware and software for a water system, taking into account a host of structural, operational, practical and environmental factors to devise the most reliable, energy efficient and cost-effective solutions.
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Water hammer analysis.

When water flows abruptly change, the rapid pressure drops or spikes they cause in pipelines can cause serious damage to water systems and jeopardise distribution. Our water hammer analysis expertise enables you to assess the dangers pressure transients can cause, and take preventative measures to minimise or eradicate the associated risks.
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Pumping efficiency assessment and optimisation.

Pipeline system operating costs are heavily affected by pumping efficiency and energy requirements. Optimising pump performance can result in significant energy savings, lowering operational costs and improving sustainability. We can design water systems for maximum operational efficiency, and optimise existing pumping systems to minimise energy use.
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Real-time control strategies.

We develop strategies and design control systems to automate water pipeline systems and optimise their performance, enabling systems to detect dynamic water behaviour and adjust operations to meet changing demands in real time.
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Field testing.

Measuring the performance of an operational or newly-commissioned water system in the field is a specialty at OneStone. We measure a diverse range of parameters to develop a complete picture of the system, comparing real-world data with modelling data to assess the system, confirm performance, and achieve optimum efficiency.
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Our services are applicable to a wide range of water systems, including water and wastewater transfer systems, borefields and mine dewatering systems.