Our projects.

Our water management expertise in action.

We are a leading water systems consultancy, with a refreshingly collaborative approach to water system design and a wealth of experience, throughout WA and internationally.

Our creative approach means our services and expertise can be applied to a broad range of water systems, including water and wastewater transfer systems, borefields and mine dewatering systems. Here are just a few of our recent projects that demonstrate our ongoing role as consultancy partners to water utilities, mining companies and civil engineering firms.


Meeting the growing demand for water in the Pilbara

Third-party review water hammer analysis Sophie to Yannery Transfer System

The Water Corporation needed to improve the capacity of the Sophie to Yannery system, as part of the development of the Millstream Scheme which provides drinking water for towns in the Pilbarra. We supported the upgrade by performing a third-party review of the water hammer analysis for the system to validate the Water Corporation’s findings and proposed solutions.

“OneStone provided us with reliable expertise and the peace of mind that our proposed solutions were going to work.”

Darryl Van Der Nest
Senior Engineer Infrastructure Design Branch, Water Corporation

Fulfilling a desalination plant’s potential

Commissioning Support Ravenswood Pump Station

With the new desalination plant south of Perth under construction, we worked with the Water Corporation on the required upgrades to the existing water transfer system, including a new pump station at Ravenwood. Combining our field testing services with our knowledge of real-time control strategies, we helped design and commission a complex control system that would meet the changing needs of the Water Corporation, employing a level of modelling expertise available to only a handful of firms anywhere in the world. Now, with phase one complete and the need to double the desalination plant’s capacity, we’re assisting with the next stage of the system upgrade.

“Working closely with our people in the field, OneStone helped us make sense of a large and complex system. We particularly appreciate OneStone’s supportive approach throughout the commissioning stage.”

Gary Munns
Commissioning Director SSDP Integration Project, Water Corporation


Securing drinking water for Kalgoorlie

System modelling for pump station C in Mundaring

Ordinarily, water from the reservoir in Mundaring is pumped to the local water treatment plant and then to Kalgoorlie via the famous C.Y. O’Connor pipeline. However, a contingency was required to secure the supply when water cannot be taken from the reservoir. Utilising water from Perth was the obvious solution, but the initial proposal involved placing a storage tank in the nearby national park – an option fraught with practical, environmental and bureaucratic difficulties.

We used our modelling, water hammer analysis and real-time control systems expertise to help develop and validate an alternative solution that enabled the existing pump station to work in tandem with a new station – Pump Station C – to secure a contingency water supply from Perth, whenever it’s required.

“OneStone provided excellent service, delivering a quality output within a very tight timeframe on a system with complex hydraulic challenges.”

Shane Farquharson
Principal Engineer Water, GHD