Our approach.

Our left-brain-right-brain approach.

You might think developing complex water systems is a very scientific, left-brain challenge. And it is. But at OneStone, we develop innovative and efficient solutions by engaging our creative right-brain too.

We are more than technical consultants. Our people are problem solvers. That’s why we’re able to apply our expertise to such a broad range of water systems, including water and wastewater transfer systems, borefields and mine dewatering systems.


We think creatively, collaboratively and practically, as you can see from our five-step process:

1) Define the challenge.

First we take the brief. Usually, that’s a face-to-face meeting with you, where we clearly define the objectives for your project. This includes discussing where the project sits within the wider strategic context. We agree and clarify everything upfront.

2) Explore the situation.

We look at the problem and available data from different angles, but not in isolation. On the contrary, we include all stakeholders, with the aim of broadening everyone’s understanding of the project, the desired outcomes and potential implications.

3) Generate solutions.

This is where we draw on our technical knowledge to get creative, brainstorming a plethora of ideas and concepts before we start refining solutions based on our knowledge of your objectives and broader strategic goals.

4) Select and develop.

Next, we select and develop one or two solutions, creating computer models that enable us to weigh up the pros and cons of different options with you. We run scenarios, assess system behaviour and clarify cost and performance implications.

5) Implement and monitor.

With the ideal solution modelled and tested electronically, we finally move to the implementation phase. This is where we test the system’s behaviour in the field to assess whether it is delivering what we expected, before it’s commissioned.