Folkert Drijfhout


Master of Engineering, North West University, South Africa MSc Technology Management, Systems Engineering, University of Pretoria

Folkert joined OneStone in May 2023, bringing with him a wealth of experience as a Lead Mechanical Engineer specialising in machine and water industry design for nearly 12 years. His arrival adds a diverse and invaluable range of experience to our team, encompassing over 20 years of involvement in designing and testing cutting-edge equipment and process systems for defence, nuclear, and water sectors.

Folkert’s extensive background includes notable accomplishments in various areas. He has played a key role in designing water and wastewater treatment plants that incorporate pumps, filtration systems, and chemical dosing. Additionally, he has excelled in conducting comprehensive reviews and optimisations of hydraulic water systems, selecting appropriate pumps, and overseeing multidisciplinary engineering teams throughout studies, detailed designs, and construction projects.

Beyond his professional achievements, Folkert possesses a profound passion for engineering, particularly in the realm of dynamic fluid systems. His unwavering dedication to seeking innovative solutions for complex problems distinguishes him as a forward-thinking engineer who consistently strives to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Outside of work, Folkert maintains an active lifestyle through recreational walking and cycling. He also cherishes spending quality time with his family.