Felix Nguyen


Master of Professional Engineering (specialising in mechanical), University of WA.

Felix joined OneStone Consulting in November 2020 and since that time has gained experience using hydraulic modelling software for conducting water hammer analysis on water supply pipelines, hydraulic design, and pump station control system analysis.

He is interested in machinery, engineering processes and network systems, material sustainability and fatigue as well as learning and solving problems relating to water systems from a strategic and hydraulic perspective.

In his career so far, Felix has completed several projects including pressure vessels, hydraulic cylinders, gas pipelines also research into the benefits of black soldier fly larvae’s frass in agriculture.

Felix is currently working as a Research Assistant for UWA since April 2021 to develop the process of pelletizing fertilizer pellets from black solder fly larvae frass in modern agriculture.

In his spare time, he enjoys sports especially volleyball and badminton.