Project: Belmont Pump Station Control Upgrades

2021 Research and Development Excellence Award – FINALIST

By using a holistic approach, we can positively impact our clients, communities, and the environment through the development of innovative and sustainable water solutions.

We are proud to announce that we are finalists for the Australian Water Associations ‘Research and Development Excellence Award’ for 2021.

This award recognises projects which have challenged current practice and address the need for a sustainable future. 

Finalist – Research and Development Excellence Award

In collaboration with Augment Technologies, our FluidSpace™ simulation system lets controllers run a digital ‘twin’ of a water distribution system, providing accurate feedback to enable thorough testing of pump control logic programmed on physical PLCs for every scenario.

FluidSpace™ is the latest advance on control system modelling, providing proof-of-concept for control systems of the future, optimising the operation of existing water infrastructure, and de-risking upgrade and expansion projects to make water supply more stable, reliable, and secure.

Read the full case study here.