Unveiling Australia’s Largest Gate Valve: Transforming Perth’s Wastewater System

Our Principal Engineer Folkert Drijfhout had the pleasure of attending the unveiling of the biggest gate valve ever manufactured in Australia! Manufactured locally by Dobbie in Malaga, the valve weighs in at an impressive 20 tonnes and 5 metres tall. 😮​

Water Corporation will use these valves to isolate and redirect flows in our wastewater mains. It forms part of the broader wastewater system upgrades in Perth’s southern suburbs, aimed at accommodating growth in the area. ​

OneStone has recently assisted Water Corporation with various studies to enhance the capacity of Perth’s wastewater system, where we’ve had the opportunity to work on some of Perth’s largest wastewater pump stations. We take pride in helping with these important projects that have a direct impact on our community. 🤝​

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