About us

OneStone is a leading water systems consultancy. We assist clients in planning, designing, operating and testing efficient water systems.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, we work both nationally, and internationally, providing premium consulting services across five key industries; Water Utilities, Mining, Agriculture, Renewable Energy and Industrial.


Our ethos

We think creatively and collaboratively, looking beyond the immediate scope at hand and beyond the practicalities of the short term, to design effective and efficient water systems. By using a holistic approach, we positively impact our clients, communities, and the environment through the development of innovative and sustainable water solutions.

Our vision.

To be a company that consistently outperforms expectations in the value we provide. A place where people do the best work of their lives, and where we change the world for the better.

Values that we stand by.

Our culture is a dynamic one. A creative, collaborative and effective one. Our five core values get us there.


We do the right thing. Always. We do what we say we will do. And we never compromise our ethics for profits.


We exceed expectations because we love what we do. We thrive on the challenge of solving problems and making a positive difference to business, communities and the environment.


We challenge the norm, constantly. We relentlessly pursue better, more efficient, more sustainable solutions and ways of working together.


We achieve more together. With our team, our clients and our partners. We prioritise lifelong relationships, as well as  support and empower each other in achieving our goals.


We are a team of forward-thinking individuals. We work with vision, flexibility, and confidence in response to challenging and shifting circumstances. Being agile enables us to shape our approach, allowing us to successfully deliver on variable project outcomes.